2018 Issue 2 (Total Issue 9)

  1. The Field of Relationships in Supervision / Maria Ellen Chiaia

  2. Sandplay-Painting-Dreamwork / Ruth Ammann

  3. Image and Significance in Sandplay Therapy / Pan Yanhua

  4. Meet a Troublemaker while Preparing for the College Entrance Examination / Qian Yongxia

  5. Enlightenment, Individuation and Sandplay Therapy: Interview with Alexander Esterhuyzen

  6. The Story of the Red Apple / Shen Heyong

  7. Alchemy Psychology and its Imagery and Transformation / Yin Li

  8. The Struggle to Leave Mother / Wang Huan

  9. The Catcher in the Rye / Gao Lan

  10. The Lost Steps of Infancy: Symbolization, Analytic Process and the Growth of the Self / Brian Feldman

  11. Expressive Therapy, Methods and Techniques: Former workshops of the 8th International Conference of Analytical Psychology and Chinese Culture – Xi’an

  12. Workshop: Start a Healing Journey in Art