2016 Issue 2 (Total Issue 4)

  1. How to Rebuild Attachment Pattern through Sandplay Therapy / Eva Pattis Zoja

  2. Trauma, Shame and Witness / Joerg Rasche

  3. The Symbolic Quest in Healing Trauma from Fragmentation to Individuation / Ursula Wirtz

  4. Intervention Study of Group Sandplay Therapy on Children with Behavior Disorders / Chen Jing

  5. A Case Report about a Yi Woman / Case: Yin Fang, Supervisor: Shen Heyong

  6. The Body Image and Meaning in the Sandplay Therapy / Shen Heyong

  7. The Myth of Mu Lan: A Jungian Perspective / Christine M. Chao

  8. Hero’s Journey in the Wizard of OZ / Liu Yuanyuan

  9. Healing in Observation / Zhao Haipeng

  10. Report from the Garden of the Heart and Soul / Wei Xiaona

  11. Principle, Method and Practice - Psychological Analysis and Sandplay Training

  12. Recommended Book: The Book of Symbols